Board of Education, Al-Rahmah School

On behalf of the Al-Rahmah School leadership team, I am writing in reference to inform you of the wonderful work that Boulevard Contractors has done on our campus over the past two years. We have completed major design to-build projects with Boulevard that have not only come within budget but also handled on time with the utmost professionalism and courtesy of working around our fluid school schedules. We have just completed a multi-phase project with Boulevard that included a total renovation of classrooms for our 1-12 program in addition to extensive work on our gymnasium, kitchen and a full re-design of our HVAC systems. The classroom work included a broad scope of activities including drywall, framing, electrical upgrades and laying the infrastructure for 'smart' technology based spaces as we are working towards modernizing our environment. The total contract worth for these efforts was $1.55M. It has been a great pleasure to work with Boulevard Contractors and as we look to further expand our campus, we certainly hope to continue working with them.